The EIB Primary Parliament sessions enable children to focus on confidence and character attributes, team building skills and resilience.

Primary Parliament 

Face-to-face sessions are currently replaced replaced with online Primary Parliament. The first online sessions were a huge success and you can read more below. The next sessions will be in Spring 2021.

Monday 16th November 2020 - Online Primary Parliament - Read Online

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Previous Sessions

Autumn Term: Earning and Learning

Primary Parliament returned in November with sessions at The Council House for Year 5 and 6 children attending Nottingham City primary schools. The theme of ‘Learning and Earning: Education, Work and Training’ was explored through a solar-powered vehicle project. The task saw children designing, building and marketing an eco-vehicle of the future - all in the space of a day.

Innovative cars, buses, bin lorries and ice cream vans were created, with a focus on renewable energy - the sun even came out on the Friday session, enabling the prototypes to whizz across the floor. The levels of enthusiasm and engagement were incredible throughout and the product launches in the afternoon, hosted by The Sheriff and Cllr Mellen, were a triumph. A huge thank you to all of the Primary Parliamentarians who took part and to all of the staff who enabled the event to happen.

Spring Term: Safe, Positive, Smart Communities

Nottingham schoolchildren create Safe Positive Smart communities at Primary Parliament! - Children from across the City have united to collaborate on a future communities project as part of Primary Parliament. The sessions, held at The Council House, were entitled: SAFE Lives, POSITIVE Neighbourhoods, SMART City. Incredibly, the children designed, researched and built their SPS communities in just one day. The day concluded with a presentation by each group and discussion in the council chamber with their fellow Primary Parliament members, chaired by Councillor David Mellen. Throughout the sessions, the children demonstrated brilliant teamwork, creativity, enthusiasm and public speaking skills to present original concepts excellently.

Summer term creative you poster

Summer Term: Healthy, Creative You

Pupils from schools across the city united to explore issues affecting children’s self-esteem as part of the summer Primary Parliament sessions.

Relationships, Cultural Identity, Food, Fashion, Social Media & Gaming, Celebrity Culture, Body Confidence and Achievement were the issues discussed by the groups. The pupils took part in a drama workshop and created their own short dramas exploring their topics. They then took on a photography challenge around the city, creating a wide variety of images to support their campaign- with incredible results.

Throughout the day Parliamentarians were creative, considerate, humorous, engaging and passionate, resulting in brilliant campaign launches in the council chambers. The launches, chaired by Councillor David Mellen, are just the start- pupils are encouraged take their campaign back to their schools and communities.

 Councillors and primary parliament