New guide for schools on how to make the best use of teaching assistants

The Teaching Assistant Deployment Review Guide has been launched by a consortium Whole School SEND, part of the London Leadership Strategy.  Part-funded by the Department for Education and developed by researchers from both the London Leadership Strategy and the Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants project, based at the UCL Institute of Education.

Suzanne Scrivens, Support Staff Professional Development Consultant for Nottingham Local Authority will expertly lead this type of teaching assistant deployment review in consultation with senior leaders in your setting.

Available to all educational settings the review will evaluate how the setting deploys, prepares and manages its teaching assistants (TAs) and how effective these practices are for pupils, teachers and TAs.

The process is a starting point of a whole school improvement journey, which recognises the valuable contribution TAs make to school life, in particular to teaching and learning.

Part of the journey would be to identify training and development needs for TAs. Suzanne can also create a bespoke package of support for your TAs timetabled and delivered to suit your needs.

For more information please contact Suzanne Scrivens on or by phone on 0115 987 64561