This guidance outlines the induction programme for NQTs to equip them wth the tools to be an effective and successful teacher for all key stages

Principle  of Collaboration Agreement 2021

Key Principles of Collaboration between Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Trent University

NQT induction programme

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The Induction Programme Guidance

The induction programme will be well-planned with targeted structured support, which will be tailored to match individual needs, recognizing that all NQTs will bring their own wealth of skills and experience, enthusiasm and commitment which will be nurtured, hence the importance of maintaining flexibility within the programme.  This is a period of rapid learning where knowledge and skills are consolidated.

This guidance summarises the arrangements for the completion of induction by outlining how school staff could/should support, monitor and assess NQTs during their first three terms of teaching, by setting out the roles and responsibilities of each of those involved in the induction support programme.

 induction guidance

Please CLICK HERE to download a copy of the NQT Induction Guidance