We provide teaching activities to enhance the education of BME and EAL pupils ensuring inclusion and equality.

Information Gap Biography Activities

Life stories of famous people from around the world. Includes 10 unique teaching activities

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Cost: £10

Bilingual Induction Packs

CD Resource to support school staff and newly arrived pupils and their families during the induction period. Words and phrases using home languages and English
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Cost: £10

Global and Anti-racist Perspectives within the Curriculum (GARP)

A comprehensive teachers' planning resource and reference tool.

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Cost for Primary CD: £10
Cost for Secondary Manual plus CD: £60


6 lesson unit of work for upper KS2/lower KS3 which supports teaching about dealing with racism and community cohesion.

Purchase this resource or book a consultant to deliver the ERACISM lessons in school on a weekly basis over a half term period.

To order email: ideal@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Cost for CD: £10
Cost for consultant to deliver lessons: £500 (Nottingham City), £550 (External)

First Language Assessments for Early Years - Mathematics 

This practical CD-Rom contains an easy to use step-by-step scripted assessment tool in English and 8 first languages of EAL children in your Early Years Foundation Stage settings.  It solves the problem of how to accurately assess the knowledge and skills of children who operate in a language other than English at home.  

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Cost for CD: £10