The IDEAL team can support schools with a range of services including in-class inclusive teaching strategies and intensive time-limited teaching.

IDEAL Teaching and Learning CPD Brochure 2017-2018

The following packages of support are on offer. Prices can be negotiated depending on the school's individual needs

EAL assessments and 1:1 tuition

Bespoke baseline assessments and/or specialised 1:1 pupil tuition

Nottingham City: £100 per hour
External: £110 per hour

EAL, Black and Multiple Heritage Achievement, Equalities, Diversity in the Curriculum

One full day INSET or CPD (including planning and preparation)
Nottingham City: £600
External: £800

Half day INSET or CPD (including planning and preparation)
Nottingham City: £400
External: £500

Staff Meeting (including planning and preparation)
Nottingham City: £175
External: £200

EAL New Arrivals

English delivered through a teaching package for newly arrived pupils with little or no English. Packages of support vary to suit individual school's needs.

1:1 time-limited eg a daily 1 hour session for a month or weekly 2 hour sessions for a term
Nottingham City: £1000
External: £1100

Partnership Teaching

Support to teachers in schools through collaborative planning and in-class inclusive teaching strategies. Tailored partnership work with a consultant specialising in EAL or diversity within the curriculum (EAL beginners, more advanced EAL learners, global and anti-racist perspectives, curriculum development, etc). Support through IDEAL varies to suit individual school's requirements (half day = 3 hours in-house support)

Half day (3 hours in-house support)
Nottingham City: £250
External: £275

6 half days support
Nottingham City: £1200
External: £1300

Translation and Interpreting

Support to schools who have Panjabi or French speaking pupils and families to enhance spoken and written communication for letters/meetings.

Nottingham City: £25 per hour
External: £30 per hour

Nottingham City: £10 per 100 words
External: £15 per 100 words

How to Book

Please contact IDEAL to discuss your school's requirements and to negotiate a price.

Tel: 0115 8764690