Latest articles from September editions of SCENE!

News articles in SCENE for September 2016

1. The Road Safety Team at Nottingham City Council invites all primary/academy schools in the city to take part in our fun and healthy walking initiative “Footprints”  

Footprints will be running for 10 weeks this Autumn term and will coincide with international walk to school month (October 2016).

The project has proved to be a huge success; last year nearly 10,000 children completed their 10 walks and received their prize badges.

We hope as many children as possible will take part again this year.

Footprints is designed to be curriculum friendly, easy to organise and fun to take part in. It is also a valuable part of your school travel plan.

It will run from Monday 26th September Friday 16th December 2016. Road Safety will provide all the resources needed and will award a collectable metal pin badge prize to those who complete the walks.

Park and Stride Counts too.

For parents who find it necessary to take the car on the school run, we ask that they park away from the school allowing at least 10 minutes walking time. This will not only allow their children to take part but will also provide a stepping stone to increased active travel, relieve congestion at the school gates and perhaps parents will discover it could be less stressful by breaking the habit of trying to get a parking space outside school at its most busy time.

For more information on Footprints or any other Road Safety projects please contact Alison Adlington, Road Safety Technical Officer on 8765283 or 8765280, email:

To register your school for Footprints, either telephone or email how many children you have at your school by Friday 16th September to ensure all materials are delivered to you ready for the starting date.


2. Exciting new Safeguarding competition launches

On 5th September Nottingham City Council launches a new safeguarding competition for primary and secondary schools.  The competition, which is being run in partnership with Nottinghamshire Police, Nottinghamshire County Council and U-Create, involves pupils in years 6, 7 and 8 creating powerful radio commercials around online safety and sharing of images online.  This project will support pupils’ learning around online safety and Sex and Relationships Education.

Schools that take part in the competition will have access to lesson plans around the themes and support for pupils to develop the radio advert via an online learning platform. This is a free project that as well as providing an opportunity to re-visit online safety messages also allows pupils to work on their literacy and communication skills.  It is also a great way of sharing key safety messages with parents and carers.

The winning commercial will be broadcast on local radio stations and social media. For the winners this will be a great opportunity to celebrate the work of the pupils whilst also raising awareness of online safety issues in the local community.

The competition runs from 5th September to 11th November 2016.  To register your interest visit  or contact Rachel in the ucreate team on 01925 251876 or via email


3. Nottingham Response to Childhood Obesity Strategy

Government Childhood Obesity Strategy – Summary - In the UK, nearly 1 in 3 children aged 2 to 15 are overweight or obese. This issue is greatest for those children from low-income areas.

  • At its simplest, overweight and obesity may be said to be due to taking in more energy through food and drink than we ‘burn off’ through everyday activities. This difference might be small and add up over long periods of time. However, the causes of overweight and obesity are much more complex and include our behaviour, the environment we live our day-to-day lives in, culture and, to some degree, genetics.
  • Being overweight or obese during childhood is known to increase the risk of being overweight or obese as an adult . As such, there is the potential for life-long health related consequences .
  • In 2014/15, obesity-related ill health in children and adults cost the NHS in England £5.1 billion.
  • Nottingham’s children have a significantly higher prevalence of obesity compared to the England average at age 4 to 5 years (10.9% compared to 9.4%) and at age 10 to 11 years (22.2% compared to 19.0%). This makes today’s Government plan important for Nottingham’s children.
  • Today, the government released its Childhood Obesity Plan with the aim of significantly reducing England’s rate of childhood obesity within the next ten years .

Nottingham Response to Childhood Obesity Strategy Briefing


4. The Nottingham Big Tent

We are rightly proud of our community spirit across the City and this project is intended to celebrate Nottingham's richly diverse population.

We are inviting all schools, academies and settings to contribute a 900mm x 900mm panel, or panels!, to the Nottingham Big Tent that will be on display from Summer Term 2017.

It may be a panel to celebrate the diversity in your school, or a single class group, or individual pupils for their GCSE or A level textiles project, or a number of panels from interested pupils or staff! Their could also be ones to represent MATs, TSAs and school partnerships!

We want contributions from anyone and everyone, to indicate that we are all of one mind, here in Nottingham.

We'll provide the cloth background, you provide the design on it. This could be embroidered, appliqued, painted, dyed, stitched, quilted or whatever. We will organise the stitching together of the panels and everyone can enjoy seeing their entries alongside everyone else's on display in the Market Square and around the City at different events.

Contact: for further details and material and the initial closing date is February half term 2017, so do it now!

There are a number of partners involved in the project, hopefully using local media to track the gestation of "the tent" and we will be inviting community groups to contribute as well. But our schools and academies are the ones to bring all children, parents and grandparents together, so we want them to show off their interest in a City where we all live happily together.