Elective Home Education (EHE) is where a parent decides to take on full responsibility for their child’s education by educating them at home.

Elective home education

As soon as a school receives communication (verbal or written) from a parent stating they are considering home educating, they should contact the EHE Co-ordinator on 0115 876 4693.

It is important to note the distinction between EHE and the home tutoring service for ill children/alternative provisions. Children who are home educated are not on a school or alternative provision roll. Families are not given resources or funding and they are not told what to teach. It is likely that when a child is home educated they may not be seen by the local authority as there is no legal obligation.

A meeting is recommended between the EHE Co-ordinator, the family and appropriate staff members of the school. The aim of the meeting is to ensure that the family are fully aware of their responsibilities for EHE, to discuss any concerns or issues and ensure that EHE is the best route for the child/young person. If a family decide that they no longer wish to home educate following this meeting, other options can also be discussed.

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