Pregnant Teenagers and Teenage Parents

Teenage parents

The Local Authority has a statutory duty to provide access to suitable education for pupils for whom they are responsible who are not able to attend school; this includes pupils of compulsory school age who are pregnant or are new mothers.

Nottingham City Council’s Inclusion & Disability Services undertake the Local Authority’s statutory duty via their Education Support Officer (Teenage Pregnancy) post; thus ensuring that this group of young people have an advocate who supports in accessing and engaging with relevant education, training or employment/apprenticeships; thus supporting the best possible educational and aspirational outcomes for each individual.

This advocacy and support is provided to young women of statutory school age who are pregnant, have had a pregnancy terminated, have suffered a miscarriage, have had a stillbirth or where a child has been removed from the care of the Mother at birth and also includes young men of statutory school age who are Fathers-to-be or teenage Fathers.

The Education Support Officer (Teenage Pregnancy) also works closely with Futures in ensuring that pregnant teenagers and teenage parents have the relevant support to access education or training.

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