Requirements for a Penalty Notice request

Penalty notice guidance 

The following must be included with all requests for a Penalty Notice for an unagreed holiday or leave of absence:

  • One child per request
  • Copy of letter sent to parents informing them of the decision to reinstate Penalty Notices for unagreed holidays/leave of absence (prior to the holiday being requested/taken)
  • Holiday/leave request form from parent or copy of information informing school of leave
  • Copy of correspondence sent to parents informing them of the school decision to request that the Local Authority issue a Penalty Notice
  • Please ensure that you can demonstrate that parents have been informed that Penalty Notices are issue per parent, per child
  • Details of attempts made to establish the reason for absence if no holiday/leave request was submitted
  • Attendance certificates for current academic year and the previous academic year
  • The request for Penalty Notice must to be made no later than 10 school days after the date the child has returned to school
  • Where there is a Penalty Notice request involves more than one child, an individual request must be submitted; however correspondence which pertains to each of the children can be covered in the same letter and addressed jointly to the parents


All Penalty Notice requests must be considered on an individual basis and the decision to authorise should be based on School Policy, DfE guidance and NAHT guidance on exceptional circumstance.