Friday, September 7, 2018

Welcome back or welcome to #Nottinghamschools

A warm welcome back to all teachers and support staff working in schools or academies in Nottingham, whether you are reading this and working in a primary, secondary or special school or academy, you will be working with Nottingham City children and their families. We hope you had a good break and wish you all the very best for the new academic year ahead with many familiar faces and some new ones to teach, support, inspire, enthuse and to look after. There will be a mix of challenges and opportunities for everyone but there is much experience and wisdom locally to tap into, so if you have concerns or great ideas, talk to other colleagues and help find solutions and solve problems rather than worry or struggle on your own.

A special welcome to new staff coming into Nottingham for the first time. Experienced teachers who have been promoted, we look forward to seeing all the learning opportunities that you bring to the children along with those moving here to work in Nottingham schools. New headteachers we hope you have a good start to your new roles. A particular word for all those shiny new NQTs – we are really looking forward to helping you in the next stage of your journey as teachers. Well done on qualifying to teach and what a good decision to come to Nottingham, there is plenty of support on offer primarily in your school so keep a strong dialogue with your mentors and NQT leads, we look forward to meeting you in time.

School’s performances in the summer assessments at all key stages shows steady improvement and we look forward to your contribution to the educational landscape and to further improving those outputs and the wider outcomes for local children and young people. Look out, especially for those who are vulnerable, it isn’t always obvious just how complicated are the lives of some of our children. As you get to know them, help them find ambition, you can genuinely get them to aim high, to work hard, to achieve and to get involved in the opportunities at your academy or more widely and you will make the difference you came into the job to do.

You will be welcoming back your pupils including some very new ones! Those transitioning to Y7 and those starting in primary but also a few dotted around as in-year moves, we have every confidence they will soon settle to enjoy their school and trying their best for you. They will be nervous and perhaps intimidated and yet you will be able to look out for them and reassure them. There are also some very familiar pupils returning after the break, and some of them might appreciate a new beginning, a fresh chance to grasp all the amazing learning opportunities on offer and perhaps mature and blossom in their attitudes and effort.

Colleagues here at the Local Authority look forward to meeting you and working with you to the same agenda and vision for children and young people.

John Dexter

PS “Scene” is the main way the LA communicates with local schools and teachers and through its website at ( If you are on twitter there are a number of local accounts tweeting about our schools and education, you can pick them up from and  maybe use the hashtag #Nottinghamschools