Thursday, July 13, 2017

Shoe Aid - Help Us End Shoe Poverty for Children and the Homeless in the UK.

Shoe Aid was founded 7 years ago and in that time have donated over half a million shoes to third world countries to adults and children who, in some cases, have never owned a pair of shoes.  10,000 shoes have been donated to homeless charities across the UK.

Shoe Aid is working with Nottingham City Council to deliver an education and community programme in schools, before the 6 weeks holidays.  Shoe Aid has identified that there are 4 million children in the UK right now with incorrect fitting shoes. Many of these children are from families living in poverty, and household bills and food are prioritised before shoes. Incorrect fitting shoes will result in foot, joint and back problems in adulthood and this will bring colossal amounts of foot related problems to the NHS over the next 10-15 years.  

Shoe Aid has chosen Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to launch an appeal to involve the 375 schools across the city and county to donate their unwanted footwear.  In September we aim to issue donated correct size shoes to those children from families living in poverty. With your support we will deliver an inclusive programme to all the children in Nottingham. All children will have their feet measured in class and learn more about how important recycling is for the environment.

Download the letter from Shoe Aid here which gives details of how to be involved.