Monday, April 24, 2017

Information about Pupil Premium Plus

FAO Designated Teacher for Looked After Children/the Head Teacher/SENCO.

In order to receive Pupil Premium Plus (PPP) for this term (January - April 2017) the PPP form needs to be completed by the appropriate person in your school and returned to the Virtual School for Looked After Children by Friday 10 February 2017. Without completion and submission of the PPP form you will not be considered for payment. On receipt of the completed form this will be reviewed by the Virtual School who will then agree and approve funding to be released by the finance department, however submission must be before the deadline date stipulated above.  The form is available to download alongside this article.

As you are no doubt aware, the government has increased the Pupil Premium Grant, now called the Pupil Premium Plus (PPP) for looked after children to £1,900 per annum and young people are now eligible from their first day in care.   Historically, we have released the funding on a termly basis and we will continue this pattern for the foreseeable future.

Letters with this term’s form have been sent to schools addressed to the Business Manager and will be in schools week commencing 23 January 2017. Individual letters will give the name(s) of the eligible pupils for PPP in your school.

We are also able to approve retrospective payment of PPP funding for those schools who did not apply for the funding in the Summer and Autumn terms 2016. Please stipulate on this terms form if you wish to apply for backdated pupil premium.

We need details of the intended use of the funding, the total amount being requested (including costs of the interventions) and the intended impact the PPP will make on the educational experience of the looked after child

To apply for PPP you will need to:

  • complete the PPP form with any new targets or different uses for PPP;
  • you can re-submit the previous PPP form (for the Autumn term) if the targets or use of the funding has not changed;
  • we will accept submission of the requested details, already held by the school, if you record the details in a different format.

It is vital that all eligible looked after children benefit from the additional educational support which PPP can bring for them.   If there is a delay in obtaining a pupil’s current Personal Education Plan (PEP), please use the most up to date version for the PEP targets or use the school’s targets.    

PPP will not be used to double fund or replace funding which should already have been allocated to the school to support the child and specifically:

  • to fund services that should be provided via a statement, SEN support plan or Education Health and Care plan;
  • to fund other statutory work e.g. statutory assessment or support from Health;
  • paying for interventions put in place that do not require any funding;
  • where the school’s own funding covers the cost of the interventions;
  • where the PEP action plan does not meet requirements;
  • activities covered by fostering allowances.

Our website also contains useful documents which we hope schools will find beneficial when completing the PPP form. Go to

If you have any PPP queries please contact Lindsey Foster on 0115 8764694 or email

For a copy of the Pupil Premium Plus form please click here