This group enables primary headteachers and the Directors of Education to discuss, and be consulted on relevant and emerging issues.

Members will represent and be responsible to an identified group of primary colleagues (“school partnership”).  [The word 'school' also means academies.] 

Objectives of the group

The group will facilitate communication and professional debate between the Education Directors and headteachers in Nottingham City to build trust and productive working relationships in the support of children and families. 

The group will:

  • Represent all primary headteachers/leaders being made up of a representative from groups of schools/academies.
  • Be attended by the Director of Education. Additional officer support will be provided to support each agenda.
  • Be a consultative and information-sharing group with headteachers.
  • Elect a Chair and Vice Chair at the first meeting of each academic year.
  • Meet termly.
  • Have an agenda which is a combination of operational and strategic issues.

The group, through the Chair, may request reasonable actions of the Partnership Manager and other LA officers to facilitate effective partnership working between Children and Adults Services and the reference group. These actions could include:

  • liaising with other Children and Adults Services officers to provide information for the group;
  • providing oral reports for the group on matters of local and national interest arising since the previous meeting;
  • communicating and collecting information from the school partnership, via the nominated representative, between meetings to inform developments. 

The Director of Education may request reasonable actions of members of the headteacher reference group to facilitate effective partnership working. These actions could include:

  • exchange of emails or phone calls about matters of current interest to the group;
  • joint attendance at a conference, seminar or steering group.

 Individual headteacher members of the group should:

  • attend regularly to ensure that the views of headteachers in the nominating School Partnership can be represented at the meeting;
  • make all reasonable attempts to ensure that another headteacher attends the meeting in the event of absence from the meeting;
  • ensure that agendas and minutes of the meeting are distributed to other members of the School Partnership;
  • provide contact details to the other members so that they can receive views to represent at the meeting;
  • be willing to undertake occasional activities at the request of the Chair to promote partnership working.

Dates of meetings 2016/17

All meetings are 2.15pm arrival for 2.30pm start to 4.30pm.

Wednesday 23rd November 2016, venue Loxley House room LH 2.11
Wednesday 1st March 2017, venue Loxley House room LH 1.32
Wednesday 14th June 2017, venue Loxley House room LH 2.11