Indicative budgets for the financial year 2016 to 2017

Indicative budget 2016 to 2017

Please download the guidance notes to assist you in interpreting your school’s indicative funding.

To improve the security of the files this year, we have introduced the use of passcodes which are now required to access your school’s budget information. Each Head teacher was sent a school specific passcode on 25th February 2016.

If you require the passcode to be resent please email

The passcode will not be given over the phone.

The files containing your school’s indicative budgets are listed below.

 Summary of School Budgets 2016-17
 Maintained Schools and Academies Budgets 2016-17
 Indicative Pupil Premium Budgets 2016-17
 Special Resource Units Funding 2016-17
 Devolved Capital Funding 2016-17
 Indicative Special School Budgets 2017-18
 Forecast Tool - Indicative Special School Budgets 2016-17
 Maintained Schools, Academies and Free Schools Funding Guidance 2016-17
 Special Schools Funding Guidance 2016-17

For more information contact:
Jacqueline Dixon
0115 87 64259