Before the LA submits the CFR statements to the DfE we need to have evidence for audit purposes that these accurately reflect the school's records

It is important that CFR returns are accurate for a number of reasons including determining if schools have an excess balance, LA monitoring of schools with deficits and benchmarking.

CFR statements should match the fund review report in FMS. All schools are therefore requested to submit their fund review report (Reports, General ledger, Fund review, select 2019, OK) to support their CFR consent form.

Please export your fund review report to excel and email it to us by Monday 15th June 2020. In the meantime do not perform your year-end final close on FMS6 until we have confirmed your final balances.

Please contact Schools Finance Support if you have any queries.

Tel: 0115 8765053
Fax: 0115 8763237