Job Description and Person Specification templates for common roles within Schools.

Job Evaluation ID    Teaching Support Roles Grade
JE1000003368        Teaching Assistant 1        GLPC-C    
JE1000003369  Teaching Assistant 2 GLPC-D
JE1000003370  Teaching Assistant 3 GLPC-E
JE1000003371  Teaching Assistant 4/Team Leader       GLPC-F
Job Evaluation ID Administration / Management Roles Grade
JE1000003357 School Admin Officer - Level 1 GLPC-B
JE1000003358 School Admin Officer - Level 2 GLPC-C
JE1000003359 School Admin Officer - Level 3 GLPC-D
JE1000003360 Senior School Admin Officer/Office Manager GLPC-E
JE1000002390 Whole School Admin (With full finance responsibility)  GLPC-F
JE1000002388 Primary School Business Manager GLPC-G
JE1000003737 Bursar GLPC-G
Job Evaluation ID Facilities Roles Grade
JE1000000177  Cleaner GLPC-A
JE1000002385 Site Manager (Primary) GLPC-E
JE1000002386 Site Manager (Secondary) GLPC-F
JE1000002384  Site Manager with a technical specialism (Primary) GLPC-F
JE1000002387   Site Manager with a technical specialism (Secondary) GLPC-G 
Job Evaluation ID Pupil Support/Welfare Roles Grade
JE1000000182 Midday Supervisor GLPC-A
JE1000000148 Senior Midday Supervisor GLPC-C
JE1000001929 Breakfast Club Assistant GLPC-A
JE1000003232 Breakfast Club Leader GLPC-C
JE1000001990 Cover Supervisor GLPC-C
JE1000001935 Care Assistant GLPC-C
JE1000002436 Family Support Worker GLPC-D
JE1000001499 Learning Mentor  GLPC-D