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The Schools Health and Safety Team provide a H&S support service for all Nottingham City Schools and academies within Nottingham City and the surrounding area that have subscribed to the package.

The Schools H&S Manual (NCC Intranet) is hosted on the Council's intranet. A user name and password may be required for academies and schools outside the Nottingham City boundary.

Contact details

Children and Adults / Schools H&S Manager: David Thompson (87) 64608
Children and Adults / Schools H&S Assistant: Debbie Snowden (87) 64609
Corporate Health and Safety: (for queries regarding the accident and violence databases) (87) 64328

H&S Support Service for Schools and Academies

If you are interested in subscribing to the H&S service for schools and academies click here

The Schools H&S Team is part of Solar: multi skilled team bringing together Sport, Outdoor Learning, Life Skills, Adventure and Risk management to provide you with a unique range of enrichment services all in one place.