Standard forms to submit to Schools Finance Support

2017-18 Budget Plan

Schools are required to submit their 2017-18 budget plan to the LA by 2 May 2017, this complies with the Fair Funding Scheme.

There are 2 options:

  • Option 1 submitting the budget plan via the LA Web-based Budget Planner

    This requires financial and narrative analysis supporting the assumptions in the LA web-based budget plan; it can also be used by Schools to develop their budgets from detailed base data, supports the 3 year financial plan, provides monthly payroll reconciliation and termly outturn reports. The web-based budget plan is provided as part of Schools Finance support package in 2017-18. Chair of Governors will be given a unique login to approve the submitted budget online following the Full Governing Body approval.
  • Option 2 submitting the budget plan via the LA Summary Budget Plan Summary Budget Plan 17.18

    This requires significantly more narrative than Option 1 in supporting the assumptions underpinning the budget plan. This option cannot be used to develop the budget from your base data like Option 1. Chair of Governors will need to sign the Header sheet following the Full Governing Body approval on the budget. 

Budget Outturn Template

Please note - this section is only applicable to schools not using Schools Finance Supports new web-based budget planning software as this has the facility to generate your outturn reports.

Following the latest FMS update the cumulative expense analysis report produced is now standard for all schools.  This has required a new outturn template from period 4 onwards. Please ensure you use this new template in future.

The Outturn template has been updated to make it easy for you to forecast, the guidance note is included below. Every school must submit the budget outturn by email to Schools Finance Support on a termly basis, please refer to the timetable below for details.

Outturn Template 2017-18
How to complete the outturn report
Accounting 2017-18 Timetable

Pension Deficit Lump Sum Calculator

The superannuation charge by payroll reflected on your oracle report only represents the pension charge for the current service in year at 13.7% and does not incorporate the charge in respect of your liability for the Pension Deficit Lump Sum against your Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) budget provision.

The charge for the pension deficit lump sum has not yet been made, but it will be reflected in the end of year adjustments. Your budget provision should cover both the current service rate and the lump sum for the pension deficit.

Therefore, when you submit your termly outturn reports, (or monthly outturn reports for deficit schools), please ensure you reflect your pension deficit lump sum to date as a separate amount. The forecast Superannuation costs will cover both the superannuation deficit lump sum to-date and the superannuation charges for remaining months.

To help you calculate the pension deficit lump sum Schools Finance Support have developed a calculator. This will provide an approximate pension deficit charge of approx 8.3% to date which needs adding separately to forecast column of your outturn report and a comment entered to identify this amount, i.e. 'Pension deficit lump sum to P3 included in the total forecast SupN costs'.

Superannuation Calculator

 Cashflow Statement Template

Schools should effectively manage their cash flow, to include the regular preparation and monitoring of cash flow statements. The Fair Funding Scheme does not permit schools to go overdrawn, and schools that project an overdrawn balance or that request an additional cash advance will be required to submit a completed cash flow statement to the LA by the 20th of the month prior to that in which the advance is required.

You can use this simple tool to project your cash flow over any future period.

Cashflow Tool

Change of Signatory Form

Please submit an updated BANK1 form if you open a new account or add a signatory to ensure cash is allocated to the correct account.

Bank1 Form

Use this form for Lloyds Bank when you need to change the signatories. For schools under NCC Lloyds group umbrella, this form should be submitted to Tom Straw at 1st Floor Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham NG2 3NG. Otherwise, you can send the change of signatory form directly to your bank.

If you are using other banks, you will need to contact your bank to obtain the change of signatory form and then submit to them directly with the updated information.

Change of Signatory Form for Lloyds Bank

Deficit Recovery Plan

If the MTFP projects a deficit in future years then it needs to be accompanied by a Deficit Recovery Plan
Deficit recovery plan

 Headteacher Handover Certificate

This form provides accountability for the proper transfer of all financial records and assets when a Headteacher ceases to be the responsible accounting officer. It should be completed by the outgoing Head or Acting Head on their last effective day of duty, and certified as correct in the presence of their successor or person designated as Acting Head.
Head Teacher Handover Certificate

3 year plan

The of the 3 year financial plan submission was approved as part of the revised Fair Funding Scheme at the February Schools Forum.  For schools using the LA web-based budget planner, you will be able to produce the 3 year plan  from the budget planner under Reports / Budget Forecast. For other schools, please use the following template to provide your 3 year plan by 17th July. The 3 year plan will require Head Teacher's signature. 

3 year plan 2017/18

 Oracle Amendment Form

If a charge has been posted to an incorrect Oracle ledger code then this form should be completed with the changes required to the Oracle general ledger. Following receipt of a valid form an Oracle journal will be processed and will appear on the following month's school transaction report.

If transferring costs from one school to another, this form should be completed by the transferring school, sent to the receiving school and then forwarded to Schools Finance Support to effect the transfer in the Oracle system.

Oracle Amendment Form

Purchase Order terms & conditions

These terms and conditions can be printed on the reverse of your orders.
Purchase Order terms & conditions

 REC1 Form

The REC1 Form must be completed on a monthly basis and submitted by e-mail to Schools Finance Support. Schools should use this version of the monthly REC1 Bank Reconciliation form which includes a space at the bottom for the return to be certified by the Head Teacher.

Schools Finance Support do not require the monthly e-mailed return to be certified, but it is an audit requirement that the school copy be certified and retained on file.

REC1 Form
Guidance note on the completion of REC1

 Register Pecuniary Interests Form

All governors, head teachers and members of staff need to complete a Pecuniary Interest Form annually for insertion in the Register of Pecuniary Interest. Please refer to Section 2.13 of the Financial Administration & Control Policy for details.

Register Pecuniary Interests For School Employees
Pecuniary Interest Governor's form For School Governor's 

School Fund Certificate

In accordance with the Fair Funding Scheme all School Fund and any other unofficial school accounts should be independently audited annually. This form needs to be completed by the auditor and signed by the Head Teacher and auditor.
School Fund Audit Certificate

Subsistence claim form

This form may be used by school staff wishing to claim subsistence expenses; i.e. meals and accommodation when away from the school.
Subsistence claim form

Virements form

The virements form is to be completed when budgets need to be transferred between pay and non-pay budgets and when you receive income that has not already been budgeted for. Virements will not normally be accepted after the first week of December each year.
Virement Form 2017-18