School admission arrangements for the 2018/19 school year

On 21 February 2017 the City Council’s Executive Board approved the Local Authority’s admission arrangements for community schools for the 2018/19 school year. In summary, the admission arrangements have not changed from those determined for the 2017/18 school year.

The arrangements are set out in full in the report which is attached for Head Teachers and school staff. A table setting out the timetable for the 2018/19 admission year is set out in Appendix 5 of the report. This information will also be reported to governing bodies at their summer term meetings.

Please ensure that you include the admission criteria on your school’s website (and in your school prospectus if you have one).

For the full report please click here.


Deadlines for applying for a school place 2016 to 2017

Secondary school place application deadline:  31 October 2016

  • apply online between 5 September 2016 and 31 October 2016

Infant/junior or primary school place application deadline: 15 January 2017

  • apply online between 21 November 2016 and 15 January 2017


Transfer from junior/primary to secondary school in September 2017

The closing date for secondary school applications is 31 October 2016 (national closing date)

As you will be aware, parents/carers have been encouraged to apply online for their child's secondary school place. However, if they have chosen to complete a paper application form instead they have been advised to return their application form directly to the School Admissions Team. If any paper application forms have been handed into your school, please forward them to us prior to the October half term so that we can meet our application processing timelines. If you receive any applications after the October half term, please ensure that the date of receipt is stamped on the forms and forward them to us immediately. If you post application forms to the Team, it may be helpful for you to keep a photocopy in case any form is lost in the post. (If posting forms to us, please send an email to let us know the children’s names and dates of birth:                  

Any City parent/carer who has not submitted an online or paper application form by week commencing 7 October 2016 will be sent a reminder letter by the School Admissions Team and a final reminder letter will be sent by the Team on 14 October 2016. Prior to sending these reminder letters, the School Admissions Team will send to primary and junior schools a list of those pupils for whom an application has been made. This will enable you to advise the Team of any pupils where a paper application form has been received by the school, to avoid a reminder letter being sent to their parents/carers. If any pupil has changed their address, please inform us by email as soon as possible and prior to 7 October 2016 so that the reminder letter is sent to the correct address.

The reminder letter sent by the Team is in addition to the planned reminder texts schools are to send to their Year 6 pupils' parents/carers to make sure they apply on time.