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    • Education Services Nottingham
      Central place for ordering services from Nottingham City Council.
    • Education Improvement Board
      The Education Improvement Board believes a long-term vision and plan is required for Nottingham city to deliver a world-class education service which serves its young people and families.
    • Elective Home Education
      Elective Home Education (EHE) is where a parent decides to take on full responsibility for their child’s education by educating them at home.
    • Education Welfare
      Supporting parents, carers, children, maintained schools and academies to improve school attendance in Nottingham City.
    • Exclusion Templates, Letters, Forms and Guidance
      The templates below are to help with the processes of informing parents, governors or school’s about an exclusion


    • Finance Forms
      Standard forms to submit to Schools Finance Support
    • Finance Guidance and Policies
      Guidance and policy documents relating to schools finance
    • Financial Value Standard
      The Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) is a tool designed to assist schools in managing their finance and give assurance to ensure sound financial management in place
    • Finance Training Courses
      Schools Finance Support have scheduled a number of new finance training courses for Governors, Head Teachers, School Business Managers and Administrators
    • Funding, DSG, Budget
      The School Funding Team distributes the Dedicated Schools Grant in consultation with schools and in accordance with relevant regulations.



    • Indicative budgets 2016/17
      Indicative budgets for the financial year 2016 to 2017
    • IDEAL
      The IDEAL team supports schools to enhance the education and welfare of BME and EAL pupils and families and ensures inclusion and equality
    • IDEAL Teaching and learning support
      The IDEAL team can support schools with a range of services including in-class inclusive teaching strategies and intensive time-limited teaching.


    • Job Descriptions
      Job Description and Person Specification templates for common roles within Schools.


    • Essentials for Primary Modern Foreign Languages
      September 2017 will be the fourth year since the start of statutory primary languages for children who entered Year 3 in 2014. As we start this year, the question of what ‘substantial progress’ might look like (referenced in the Languages programme of study for KS2) is becoming increasingly important. The following links will prove useful to teachers looking for support.
    • Looking after each other



    • NQT Induction
      Welcome to the Nottingham City Appropriate Body NQT Induction Programme.
    • Induction Guidance
      This guidance outlines the induction programme for NQTs to equip them wth the tools to be an effective and successful teacher for all key stages


    • Outturn report submissions
      The local authority has a responsibility to monitor the financial health of all maintained schools and take appropriate measures as necessary






    • Virtual School
      The Virtual School for Children in Care is a cross phase school supporting Children in Care from 4 to 18 years