The Primary Parliament sessions enable children to focus on confidence and character attributes, team building skills and resilience.


During the Academic year 2015/16 a total of six sessions of primary parliament took place run by Nottingham City Council Engagement and Participation team and supported by Nottingham Learning Trust. A range of partner organisations and departments supported the agendas throughout the year as detailed in the overview of sessions. 

The aim of the events is to give primary students an opportunity to feed into discussions on issues that affect their schools, local community and the City as a whole. Sessions enable children to focus on confidence and character attributes, team building skills and resilience. The Primary Parliament work gives schools an ideal opportunity to evidence effective pupil voice and participation within the Ofsted framework.

Forty city schools and academies have participated during the year, half of those coming to all three sessions. An overview of the sessions is available here, along with feedback on the sessions from schools. 

Future plans for 2016/17

Taking into account the positive experience of 15/16 we now move into planning for 16/17 and are delighted to announce that Primary Parliament will be sponsored this year by One Nottingham.

We have secured the Council House as the venue for all the sessions. Councillors David Mellen and Sam Webster will attend and when possible the Lord Mayor and the Sherriff. The themes that will underlie all sessions are cohesion and aspiration.

We aim to engage a larger number of schools in the coming year, in particular those that have not been able to attend in previous years and invite all Nottingham City primary schools and academies to be involved. Dates for the coming year are:

All sessions are 9.30am to 2.30pm.

Autumn Term
Education, Work and Training
Tuesday 8 November or Friday 25 November

Spring Term
Safe Lives, Positive Neighbourhoods
Friday 10 March or Wednesday 15 March

Summer Term
Healthy, Creative You
Friday 9 June or Wednesday 14 June

To register for the sessions please complete the booking form and return to